Doers, Thinkers and Innovators (DTI) Workshop


Is your child keen to learn? Are they thirsty to discover and explore their full potential and fine tune their Emotional Intelligence (EI) at the same time? If yes, this workshop is for you.

The main purpose of Doers, Thinkers and Innovators (DTI) workshops are to provide an opportunity to challenge and inspire our kids to be Doers, Innovators and Thinkers outside the norms of a regular classroom. Our goal is to encourage ambition and entrepreneurial talent in kids so they can explore their potential as positive future leaders and change-makers.

Our approach provides a fun and engaging learning experience that strives to develop a positive relationship with Technology, Business, Art and the Great Outdoors. The workshop activities are all primarily “hands-on” – meaning that your child is given the tools for learning and they are responsible for driving their ideas from concept to fruition.

We encourage every child to step outside of their “comfort zone”, to take risks and challenge themselves. Most importantly, we provide a platform for kids to develop skills that can be applied to everyday, real life scenarios – such as; the ability to “think on their feet”/be agile and adapt to change, improve their presentation & interpersonal skills, build confidence, and working effectively within a team.

Throughout the 2018-2019 year, we will be providing various DTI workshops. Each workshop will have a different theme and will visit an entirely different aspect of our ever changing world. Future workshops include, but are not limited to, Dragon’s Den, Outdoor Exploration, Create and Rebuild, Why Not? and Real Life Math In Action. Our first two day workshop will be July 2018 and is detailed below.

DTI Workshop: “Cafe Extraordinaire”

Date: Wednesday, July 4th & Thursday July 5th, 2018

Time: 9am – 4pm

Location: 53 Fariway Court, Horseshoe Valley

Age: Grade 3 – 6 both genders

Cost: $135 (includes healthy snacks* and all tools for the workshop activities except laptops or iPads/iPhones)
* Bring your own peanut-free lunch

Instructors: Virginia Gingras and Ami Patterson

Register: click here

Example Itinerary: Day 1                                       

9:00 am:                     Arrival/Introductions/Improv (LOG) Icebreaker Activity

9:30 am:                     Review Theme Of The Day: Cafe Extraordinaire

9:45 am:                     Brainstorm Blunders: Log Activities (Becoming Confident With Your Own Voice and Ideas)

10:00 am:                   Utilizing “Tools For Success” ( and Excel): Create Logo and Build your Budget for Cafe Extraordinaire

10:30 am:                   Kitchen Time: Explore and Create Your Signature dish

11:30 am:                   Debate Tank: Persuasive Arguments (Use news headline/short article to practice articulating for or against a position)

12:00 pm:                  Picnic Lunch (Bring your own peanut free lunch)

12:45 pm:                  Improv. Drama LOG Activities

1:00 pm:                    Budgeting and Setting Yourself Apart From Others: (using Monopoly $ and an Excel Budget template, your child will learn about budget and cash flow management – as they will be responsible for purchasing items for their cafe, and producing their own poster and video advertisements)

2:00pm                      Cafe Opens! (presentations and signature dish tastings)

3:15 pm                     Debrief/Reflection Activities/Follow Up Log Games

4:00 pm                    Departure

**Please note we will be spending as much as time as possible outdoors on patio and in backyard so dress accordingly!

Example Itinerary: Day 2

The second day will consist of outdoor discovery, kitchen time, math fun in everyday life, extension to the cafe extraordinaire, exploration of our emotional intelligence (EI) and funky yoga portion.

Workshop Preparation

In order for your child to utilize the entire day for learning, it is important that they come already prepared with the following:

  • Account setup & brief orientation/walk-through of
  • Familiarity with shooting video clips (i.e. on an iPhone or iPad) and editing with  iMovie app.
  • Basic knowledge of MS Office tools; Excel
  • Bring a working laptop and iPad or iPhone (please contact us if  you need assistance with access to this technology)

We look forward to spending the day with your child. If you have any questions, please feel free to contact Ami or Virginia via email at or 647-273-2388.




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